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Missed Lab Policy

General Chemistry does not have make up lab.  Please contact the teaching assistant for your lab section for more information.

If you miss an Organic Chemistry Lab, the Teaching Support Office (TSO) in Koffler 201 has posted dates and times of the make-up labs. Labs must be made up during the missed week or the following week.  Prior to attending make up lab, students must complete a make up lab contract (D2L) and all pre-lab assignments.

After the standard “make-up week” has passed, the reagents and supplies are stored and not available unless you receive special permission from Dr. Bobbi Anglin. If your special makeup request is approved, it will be forward it to the Preproom. You will receive confirmation via E-mail regarding the details of your makeup lab. Please print and bring this E-mail message with you when you come to make up the experiment so the Preproom person may check out the kit to you

It is the students’ responsibility to log into the Makeup Logbook and obtain the signature of the Makeup TA as proof  makeup work is complete and to be accepted by the lab instructor.